FUCHS Schraubenwerk is located in the city of Siegen, South Westphalia, in the heart of Germany. The area of Siegen, the Siegerland, is one of the oldest industrial regions of Central Europe. Iron ore mining, its smelting and subsequent processing of iron and steel, has determined the economic life of the region of Siegen for many centuries.

The Roots

The roots of the present firm FUCHS Schraubenwerk go back to the early 19th century. Only a few hundred meters from today’s production site, the family, aside from being active in farming, agriculture, and trade, began processing iron in one of the oldest known hammer mills of the Siegerland, the Haardter Hammer.

The Evolvement

Following an initial investment in 1809, the share in Haardter Hammer was continuously increased and the hammer mill was transformed to an English-style puddling works. With the addition of a steel rolling mill, FUCHS & Company was founded in 1851. In 1894, the effects of a spectacular bank crash in Siegen lead to a total loss of all industrial activities.

The New Beginning

Already in 1909, with the participation of the whole Fuchs family, the firm FUCHS + CO. was reestablished as a bolt and nut manufacturing company. Hot forged, and since 1911, cold forged fasteners were supplied mainly for railway, shipbuilding and construction firms, and the chemical industry.

The Development

By the late 1950s, FUCHS expanded the machine range with multi-stage cold forming presses. This did not only make the development of the first specialty fasteners possible, but also laid the path to gain competence in designing and producing cold formed precision parts.


We from FUCHS Schraubenwerk GmbH are your strong partner for fastener and cold forging technology. We employ about 200 people at two locations in Siegen, Germany. With a product mix of precision parts, specialty fasteners, and standard fasteners, our monthly supplied tonnage totals to 1,000 tons and is composed of a wide spectrum of sophisticated products and corresponding services for the automotive, general industry, construction, chemical, and electric industry sector. Benefit from our production and engineering capabilities on modern multi-stage presses for most economical precision.